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Ranked here from our top sellers to seasonal single origins for the more adventurous coffee snob! Still not sure which coffee to choose? Use our filter below!

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  • 4WKS Mixed Refill
    Best Seller!
  • Guest Roaster Refill
  • Bootlegger Refill
    I’m new!
  • Terbodore Refill
    4WKS Terbodore Compostable Coffee Capsules
  • Deluxe Refill
  • Truth Refill
  • Bluebird Refill
  • Rosetta Refill
  • Father Refill
  • Decaf Refill

SA’s Best Coffees, in a fully compostable pod.

Instead of roasting our own coffee, we partnered with the city’s best micro-roasters —
Bluebird Coffee Roastery, Bootlegger Coffee Company, Deluxe Coffeeworks, Father Coffee, Terbodore Coffee Roasters, Truth Coffee Roasting and Rosetta Roastery — to make their delicious coffee, packed fresh as eggs, available at the push of a button 🏆

Choose your favorite roast, each enjoyed slightly differently, or try them all in our
famous 4WKS Mix.

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