How it works

The coffee inside 4WKS Pods is roasted, ground + packed fresh every WK and, like all great coffee, they are best enjoyed in 4WKS from roast to shot! The coffees below are listed from our darkest roasts to our lightest.

As a first-time fan, we sell our fresh, fully compostable coffee pods with our 4WKS Jar for two reasons:

1 — To ensure the pods are kept super-fresh (it's airtight) and
2 — It’s our solution to being zero-waste (buy it once, and next time, a refill!)

If you are not too sure which roast you may enjoy, try our 4WKS Mix for a taste of all or use the filter to find your favorite!

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8 products
  • 4WKS Mixed Jar
  • Bluebird Jar
  • Terbodore Jar
  • Deluxe Jar
  • Truth Jar
  • Rosetta Jar
  • Father Jar
  • Decaf Jar