An Update From Us

Growing Pains & New Horizons ☀️
Sho. No-one ever said starting a business or trying to do your bit to save the planet would be easy. Since we launched in 2019, we’ve had our fair share of big hits, epic wins, hard knocks and tough losses. Each time, we try to come through them as best we know how: by moving FOURWARD.
A few WKS ago, we discovered that a small percentage of our pods are a hair-width smaller in diameter — resulting in pods "falling through" the chamber. This was an issue we, unknowingly, inherited from our pod shell manufacturer. In trying to find the silver lining to a dark cloud, we have lightning-tracked our switch to a new pod that’s been waiting in the wings. And so, next WK, we launch our 3rd iteration of our 4WKS Pod. Our new shell is home-compostable (it’ll break down faster) and offers a consistently-improved performance(it fits and works better in your machine). We’ve also heard you about wanting stronger blends and you can look forward to some cool surprises in the next few WKS!
Until we launch our new pod next WK, we’ll be selling all 4WKS Pods at 40% OFF so as not to waste the great coffees inside them. When shopping, a discount will be automatically applied to all orders. The pods taste absolutely delicious and still work really well: For some, you may just need to take care in how you position them. If there are pods left over, we’ll be donating them and if you know where’s best to gift them, let us know by replying to this email! 
Thank you, as always, for being on this journey with us — through thick and smaller! We wouldn’t be anywhere without you and your incredible support, and we see you️.
Dan, Oli & Lulu