Bluebird Jar

Bluebird Jar
Bluebird Jar
Bluebird Jar
Bluebird Jar
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Bluebird Jar

VAT included.
30 Pods. 100% Compostable. Nespresso®-Compatible.
4WKS Mix

Coffee from 7 top roasters

4WKS Guest Roaster

Special guest roaster. Available for a limited amount of time!

Dark Roast

Dark cocoa finish. Full bodied. Extra kick!

The Great Dane Blend

Dark cocoa. Full-bodied. Structured finish.

House Blend

Full-bodied. Chocolate. Naartjie.

Relativity Blend

Milk choc. Biscuit. Walnut.

State of Mind Blend

Chocolate. Caramel. Honeycomb.

Two Seasonal Single Origins

A mix of Classic and Progressive Roasts.

Agnes Mukamushinja, Single Origin

Full, fruity and utterly fantastic!

Colombia Decaf

No kick. Medium roast. Balanced.

State of Mind Blend
Chocolatey and dark in flavour, without being a dark roast. It holds up exceptionally well as an espresso, as well as with milk.
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R 420.00
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R 420.00
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R10 per pod + refillable 4WKS Jar
(30 pods)

As a first-time fan, we recommend buying our coffee pods with our 4WKS Jar for two reasons:

1) To ensure the pods are kept super-fresh (it's airtight)
2) It’s our solution to being zero-waste (buy it once, and next time, a refill!)

If you have your own airtight container, buy our refill pouch!

Our Promise

Fully compostable

Our entire pod (shell, lid and coffee) is compostable. The whole thing can be composted together!


Our pod has been designed to fit snuggly into your domestic Nespresso® machine

Endlessley refillable

Purchase our 4WKS Jar once, and next time top up with a refill pouch!

Hailing from the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and awarded top honours as Roastery of the Year (SA Coffee Mag, 2021), Bluebird has sung their way from the countryside to become best-loved in the country on the back of their stand-out coffees, stand-up philosophies and friendly, feel-good vibe when it comes to making specialty coffee accessible to everyone. Driven by the fun-loving nature and passion of a four-man team, Bluebird sets itself apart through their East Coast approach of prioritising making people feel good — whether through their exceptional coffees, service, Insta or soon-to-launch magazine.
Medium roast
Low acidity. Dark flavour without being a darker roast. Chocolate.
Black, or with milk.
Brazil, Guatemala, Rwanda
Roasted in the Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal. Packed in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa.