Deluxe jar

Deluxe jar

House blend
dark roast
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30 pods. Home-compostable. Freshly-roasted.
Supremely tasty, strong in flavour, and ideal for fans of the Deluxe flat white. Taste an initial acidity akin to naartjies, followed by an overall dark chocolate taste. Drink it with milk, or straight-up as an espresso. 

  • Nespresso-compatible
  • Not for use in fully automatic machines 
  • 30 pods, freshly-roasted
  • The coffee inside has been roasted, ground + packed this WK  
  • Home-compostable
  • Made from sugarcane waste
  • Once used, dispose of them in your home compost heap, bokashi bin or worm farm!
  • 4WKS to break down, in 2 months - they’re gone!



Always Grindin’, Deluxe are the rockstars of the local coffee scene, having created a close-knit, fun-loving, diverse community of coffee lovers city-wide while also supplying the who’s who of cafés and eateries in Cape Town’s CBD. But don’t let their rock-n-roll approach (or love of good times) fool you: without taking themselves too seriously, their love of coffee is dead serious, and their coffee? Seriously delicious.