Naked Refill

Naked Refill

El Salvador, single origin
medium roast
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30 Caps. 100% Compostable. Best enjoyed in 4WKS.

Deliciously light yet well-rounded, with a special, nuanced, linger-in-your-mouth flavour. Taste caramelised sugar, honey and a lingering bittersweet cocoa in the mouth. Drink it black, or as a cortado.

  • Nespresso®-Compatible
  • 30 Caps, freshly-roasted
  • Local, delicious, consistent
  • Fresh! The coffee inside has been roasted, ground + packed this WK
  • Certified 100% industrially compostable
  • Made from a plant-based bio-material, with a vegetable fibre lid and branded with an edible ink stamp
  • Zero plastic or aluminium


Inspired in Amsterdam, born in Joburg and, as of November 2019, proudly in Sea Point. Naked Coffee burst into the coffee scene in 2015 with an intention to celebrate a deep love of coffee, paired with a drive for artisanal excellence, and a passion for life lived beautifully. In their quest to rival any other cult coffee experience, globally, Naked offers unfiltered European sophistication — and flavour — with African gravitas.