Naked Refill

Naked Refill

El Salvador, single origin
medium roast
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30 pods. Home-compostable. Freshly-roasted.

Deliciously light yet well-rounded, with a special, nuanced, linger-in-your-mouth flavour. Taste caramelised sugar, honey and a lingering bittersweet cocoa in the mouth. Drink it black, or as a cortado.

  • Nespresso-compatible
  • Not for use in fully automatic machines 
  • 30 pods, freshly-roasted
  • The coffee inside has been roasted, ground + packed this WK  
  • Home-compostable
  • Made from sugarcane waste
  • Once used, dispose of them in your home compost heap, bokashi bin or worm farm!
  • 4WKS to break down, in 2 months - they’re gone!


Inspired in Amsterdam, born in Joburg and, as of November 2019, proudly in Sea Point. Naked Coffee burst into the coffee scene in 2015 with an intention to celebrate a deep love of coffee, paired with a drive for artisanal excellence, and a passion for life lived beautifully. In their quest to rival any other cult coffee experience, globally, Naked offers unfiltered European sophistication — and flavour — with African gravitas.