Rosetta Jar

Rosetta Jar

Seasonal, single origins
light roast
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30 pods. Home-compostable. Freshly-roasted.

Classic | APU, Peru (single origin)
Taste sweet malt, toasted almonds & gentle, juicy acidity.

Progressive | Sasaba, Ethiopia (single origin)
Taste sweet malt, toasted almonds & gentle, juicy acidity. Drink it short + black, or as a double-hitter with milk. 

  • Nespresso-compatible
  • Not for use in fully automatic machines 
  • 30 pods, freshly-roasted
  • The coffee inside has been roasted, ground + packed this WK  
  • Home-compostable
  • Made from sugarcane waste
  • Once used, dispose of them in your home compost heap, bokashi bin or worm farm!
  • 4WKS to break down, in 2 months - they’re gone!


South Africa’s Coffee Roastery of the Year (CoffeeMag, 2018, 2019), Rosetta is built on the premise that genuine specialty coffee cannot be produced without taking care of the people at every link in the production chain — from farm to cup. Since 2010, they have been seeking and discovering specialty beans from around the world, roasting them in Cape Town, and celebrating how distinct each seed type and region can be.