Every WK, we grind + pack freshly-roasted coffee into 4WKS pods. With our subscription service, you never have to remember to place an order… Instead, you can set-up automatic billing + delivery: choosing the frequency of drops and the pods you would like.

All you have to do to activate a subscription is:

  1. How often you would like your fresh pods dropped? We can deliver every WK, 2WKS, 3WKS or 4WKS.
  2. Choose which pods you would like to order: Deluxe, Rosetta (Progressive, Classic, Mix), Naked, Terbodore or a 4WKS mix.   
  3. Finally, let us know how many pods you would like, in multiples of 30. 
  4. Email us ( will the above info!


How will billing work?
We will invoice you monthly.

Will I be able to pause/cancel my subscription?
Absolutely and at any time! All you need to do is please email us so we have a written record of this. 

Will I be able to change which pods I would like delivered?
Yes! This will need to be communicated to us, via email. If we do not receive communication from you, we will simply deliver / repeat your last purchase e.g. 30 Rosetta Progressive pods. 

Will I be able to change my delivery address?
Absolutely. We simply need a written notice of this.

Will I be bound to 4WKS forever?
Haha, we hope so! We’re committed to keep giving of our very best, and providing the best coffee experience possible. Thanks for bearing with us as we keep improving our product + services. We really appreciate your amazing support!